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About The India With Love

India with Love was born out of Deepa Shah’s love for India. However, many moons prior to that she graduated with an Honours Degree in Textile Design from the Chelsea School of Art (London University). Deepa Shah travels to India at least twice a year to source her products from craftsmen, kaar khana (factories), kiosks and warehouses - through a myriad of archways, backstreets and markets. 

For anybody that has spent even the briefest of moments in India, you will have experienced an explosion to all your senses - and for those who haven’t or for those who still can’t get enough … India with Love brings it to you. 

The Indian culture is very exotic and elegant, which is reflected in all Indian home décor designs and fashions. Exotic and elegant sums it up. The fabric and home designs are all rich in texture, as they are often made by hand, creating a subtle but very distinct richness and luxuriousness. 

Our range of quilts, bed covers, pottery, table cloths, napkins and pyjamas prove this. The Indian style is also about colours - as vibrant and bold as they can be. Our brighter floral tones are all about colour - colours that are perfect for adding an accent to a neutral room. Everyone knows that colours add warmth and comfort to a home.

India with Love products are all carefully considered and hand-picked. The designs for the fashion, block print linens, pottery, bed covers and rugs are chosen from hundreds of items to create the bespoke gallery we showcase today. Our craftsmen hand-make each item using expertise that has been passed down through generations. The beauty, colours, softness and vibrancy of which are reflected in our range.

Let us draw you in to this incredible kaleidoscope of colour that is India with Love.